Rental Terms and Conditions

Prohibited Use

The trailer in this contract shall not be used:

  1. On gravel roads.
  2. By anyone not specifically named in this agreement.
  3. By anyone whose ability to operate the tow vehicle is impaired by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.
  4. Outside of SASKATCHEWAN without owner consent.
  5. In any contest.
  6. In violation of any law.

Rental Reservations

Reservations can be made in person, by phone, by email, and online, dependent on availability.

Rental Payment

Full payment is required for the cost of the trailer rental from the renter at the time of booking. Renter shall pay all charges incurred in connection with the rental. The renter agrees that if the person or company indicated by renter responsible for payment, fails to make payment, the renter on demand agrees to pay all charges.

Security and Damage Deposit

A $300.00 damage deposit shall be required from the renter at the time of pick up. At the commencement of the rental, and completion of the rental, an inspection will be completed. The Damage deposit will be refunded providing the trailer is returned by the time specified on the contract and is clean and in the same condition prior to the rental. If required, due to road/weather conditions, the trailer must be cleaned, and washed before returning, or a $25.00 fee will be taken off the damage deposit.

Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours’ notice for cancellations, or a one-day cancellation charge will apply. As such a credit card number or etransfer is required for all reservations.

Rental changes requested by the renter are subject to HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD’s discretion only. After booking a trailer a change of the rental start/end dates may be considered but are subject to trailer availability. Changes will not be considered if it conflicts with anyone else’s trailer rental.

Full contracted rental and/or additional fees may still apply if the original contract is not honored by the renter. Rates are not calculated by the hour; therefore, rental fees will not be prorated back to the renter even if returned early. Late Fee’s will be charged to the renter if not returned by the contracted time.


Accessories Items can only be rented at the time of booking a trailer rental. Items are rented as a one-time charge, not a per day rate.

Additional Charges

We do NOT charge mileage or insurance. As a general rule: the vehicle’s liability insurance will overlap onto the trailer.

Cleaning and/or repair charges will be applied to rental trailers returned dirty and/or damaged (please see Damage Deposit).

Loss of Use

Renter agrees to pay a sum equal to the regular daily rental rate of the trailer for each day the trailer is unavailable for rent, regardless of fault, while any damage and/or mechanical repairs are made.

Loss or Damage to Trailer

Renter shall pay HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD for all loss, damage and/or mechanical repairs to trailer and accessories, regardless of fault, resulting from abuse and/or misuse and/or negligence.

Delays and Breakdowns

HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD is not responsible for loss of time, wages, and inconvenience, loss of use of the renter’s vehicle or other consequential damage or experience. 

The trailer has been equipped with a spare tire. HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD is not responsible for any costs associated with changing the tire in case of a roadside flat.

Reporting of Accidents and Theft

Renter shall report any accident or theft involving the trailer to the police and shall complete a written report as soon as possible and in any event within 24 hours.

Tickets or Fines

Renter shall pay all fines plus 10% administration fee for all fines or fees associated with traffic and parking violations issued during the rental period. The renter is responsible for any charges from any toll road costs while in possession of the trailer.


HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD may terminate this agreement and repossess the trailer at any time or place.

Personal Property

HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD is not responsible for loss or damage of any property left in, upon or carried in the trailer.


Renter agrees to pay for any and all damage and/or mechanical repairs resulting from the vehicle being overloaded or improperly loaded or resulting from an insecure load. Renters must declare what is being hauled and the total weight of materials being hauled.

Tow Vehicle

  1. Tow vehicles are not covered by HUSKY XPRESS TRAILER RENTALS LTD insurance.
  2. If trailer referred to on the other side of this contract is damaged by a tow vehicle, renter shall pay for all damage, loss of use and towing. 
  3. All tow vehicles MUST HAVE the proper hitch and wiring required to tow the trailer safely.  This may include an electric brake controller if the trailer is equipped with brakes. They MUST be in good working order. Any problems or adjustments must be repaired, and the cost is the responsibility of the renter.

Licenses and Permits

Any additional licenses or permits required by provincial authorities are the responsibility of the renter. This includes annual safety inspections on the renters’ tow vehicle (yellow sticker) that is required to tow a trailer with brakes or combination of trailer and tow vehicle exceeding the trailer rating capacity or vehicle GVWR (GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT RATING).

We reserve the right to refuse rental to anyone who does not abide by these conditions.